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An Addition to Don Vinny:

Mafioso Extraordinaire

Don Vinny sits afore the accessible balustrade to his affected villa, caressing his admired cat – Figaro… a accomplished clear bottle of Montelpucino on the adjacent amber table. He casts abreast the aphotic cigar which was anchored amid his aperture (he never lights his cigars as he considers the balm ” awkward and invasive”). He opens his cast buzz and barks out orders to his henchmen, about men with boxy faces but ordered to abrasion tuxedos while “on the job”. They do about backpack baby artificial bedding in the absurd accident that claret should bespatter on appliance during any planned jobs, whether that activity entails animadversion off an adversary, annexation an art venue, or artlessly accepting his soldiers “politely” change somebody’s disposition on an issue. Don Vinny is eccentric, putting the appellation mildly.

Don Vinny does not backpack a gun, and banned do so, instead he carries, a part of a assorted things, a lint remover, already accepting chastising a appalling adversary for not appropriately advancement his clothing during a bank bold gone bad The addled foe shuddered as Don Vinny boring accomplished into his aphotic overcoat- pulled the apparatus out and gave the guy’s cape a absolute abrasion while henchmen captivated him down. The bounded badge force, which secretly tolerates and even applauds his style, maintains appearances in adjustment to bottle the civilian order.

Children adulation the Don, as he generally doles out chocolates on the streets, bounded housewives frequently access and argue him on decorating tips and barter aliment recipes, while the bounded priest and he are chess/playing buddies Don Vinny, although serious, is badly gracious. His abettor already actively roughed up a bounded adversary- alone to accept the amiable Don thereafter anon allure his nemesis to banquet at his mothers home for Veal Peccada and Gnocchi ala Putanesca.

Always amidst by admirable women – Don Vinny is now absent in the bosom of planning his next project. Consistently the quintessential mafia metrosexual, the break-in is getting orchestrated, as are all jobs, with acuteness and an eye against aspersing violence… Don Vinny would rather adapt somebody’s furniture, again their face. He eschews abandon of any kind, and tries not to rub anybody out, unless absolutely unavoidable.

His a lot of contempo activity involves annexation an Italian Art Museum, the gain of which are to go to his admired charity, the bounded Sisters of Miraculas Mercies, a bounded accumulation of candied nuns who aloft him as a child, and for which there exists alternate admiration. The sisters are accidentally frequently fatigued into abounding of Don Vinny’s organized “projects” but in concert with the aberrant Don, they backpack out their collective ventures with basal violence, and consistently a atom of style

This is an addition to the astonishing appearance of Don Vinny… with abounding capacity to come.